Aklan constructions down 15% in 2018

BUILDING constructions in Aklan dropped almost 15 percent in 2018, based on the record of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

A total of 601 construction projects from approved building permits were reported last year, lower by 108 compared to 2017’s 709 projects.

Residential type of building showed the highest decline with 19.5 percent (from 451 in 2017 to 363 in 2018), followed by non-residential buildings with 13.9 percent (from 201 in 2017 to 173 in 2018), and additions with 12.5 percent (from 9 in 2017 to 8 in 2018).

Alterations and repairs, on the other hand, grew by about 15.8 percent to 57 constructions from 48 projects in 2017.

The total value of construction in 2018 reached P1.7 billion, lower by over half the price reported a year ago with P3.5 billion.

Value of construction for residential buildings was estimated at P9.6 million, accounted for about 56 percent of the total value, while non-residential obtained a value amounting to P6.5 million, or 38 percent of the total.

Given a total floor area of 94,217 square meters, the average cost of residential building construction in 2018 amounted to P10,206 per square meter, while for non-residential the value hits P11,933 per square meter with a total area of 54,749 square meter.

Among the municipalities, the capital town of Kalibo recorded the highest number of constructions with 204 (or 34 percent of the total approved permits), followed by Malay with 68 (11 percent), Numancia with 64 (11 percent), Banga with 53 (9 percent), and New Washington with 36 (6 percent).

The least constructions were observed in Libacao with three projects, and Batan and Buruanga with nine projects each.

Aklan PSA head Antonet Catubuan said statistics generated from approved building permits are the bases of estimating the level of construction activity in national income accounts and serves as indicators on the level of investments in country.

Data were derived from copies of approved building and demolition permits collected every month by PSA-Aklan from the offices of Local Building Officials in each municipality. (With PSA-Aklan/PN)


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