Andre Paras renews ties as youth ambassador of World Wildlife Fund

ON March 7, Andre Paras renewed his ties with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines as their National Youth Ambassador.

In a brief interview, Andre discussed that he’s delighted to continue his journey as an ambassador of an organization that wishes to protect the planet. He said, “I’ve been active with them for almost two years already and I’m very thankful that they allowed me to renew again.”

Part of his commitment is to participate in the upcoming projects of WWF Philippines like the upcoming Earth Hour event. Andre discussed, “This coming March 30 will be Earth Hour that will be in the Globe Circuit Event Grounds. I’m very thankful kasi I’m sure Janine (Gutierrez) and other ambassadors will be there as hosts.”

Andre discussed he would like to use social media as his platform to educate the youth on the importance of WWF’s projects of protecting the earth.

“Social media is a good platform. We know the kids, the youth is always on it; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all those social media platforms. Maybe if I could just spread awareness from there. That’s where I can start. Then once I learn more about this organization. Once I get to have more physical contact with the sites or the work that they’re doing I could start showing people what they’re all about. It’s like an insider look to an average person like me who’s learning so people would know it’s not that big of pressure to join or big of a pressure to learn more about it.” (GMA News)


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