Young Ilonggo crooner Rock Opong makes it to ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ semis

WITH an earnest rendition of “True Colors,” Ilonggo pride 12-year-old Rock Opong won his way into the hearts of the judges of “Asia’s Got Talent” in late February, landing him a spot in the semifinals – but now he needs your support to move on!

The young crooner serenaded “Asia’s Got Talent” judges Canadian producer David Foster, Indonesian diva Anggun, and K-Pop idol Jay Park with the a soulful version of the Cyndi Lauper classic, while playing his own handmade guitar.

Foster lauded Opong, saying “the playing and the singing were really, really good,” before inviting the boy’s father to come on stage.

The three judges went on to unanimously vote to have Opong advance to the elimination round, making him the eighth Filipino act to pass their audition in the season.

The young singer has previously joined ABS-CBN’s “The Voice Kids.”

In a previous interview with Panay News, Opong – a resident of Barangay Railway in La Paz district – revealed that he stumbled upon his talent for singing by chance, learning it through his love of music at a very young age, as early as when he was 4-years old.

Rock shared that he and his father Glenn Opong always wake up early for practice – singing his competition pieces at least ten times for perfection. He shares that he has 25 “practice songs” every single day – inspiring him to be disciplined and more familiar with some of his favorite tunes because he’s sung them “at least 250 times.” His father is his main motivator, helping out with his training and accompanying him to various competitions.

Aside from being an emerging young singer, Rock shares that he’s also an academic achiever and an aspiring song writer. He’s now studying at the St. Roberts International Academy.


Just like in the previous season, only online voting methods are available, but the Facebook hashtag voting was dropped. The audience may vote through Facebook Messenger and Google search. A maximum of 10 votes per day, per user, per platform is implemented.

Via Facebook Messenger, the viewer must search for “Asia’s Got Talent” on the app. A photo carousel will appear with the pictures of the week’s semifinalists. Click the picture to assign 1 to 10 votes for the chosen act.

Meanwhile, using Google Search, the user must have a Google account first. The phrase “Asia’s Got Talent vote” must be typed on the search box. The photos of the week’s acts will appear. Click the photo to choose the act. The slider on the right assigns 1 to 10 votes for that act.

Voting starts when “Asia’s Got Talent’s” hosts announce it open during the telecast on Thursday, March 14, and continues until 23:59 p.m. (Singapore time) of the following Sunday./PN



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