Bacolod fires leave P1.4-million damage from Jan. to May 17

BACOLOD City – The damage that fires left in this capital city now reached P1.4 million, according to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

The total damage cost was from 192 fire incidents in Bacolod from January to May 17 this year, the BFP added.

During the period, one civilian fatality was recorded alongside three who were injured.

The total number of residential structures that fire hit were 25, while commercial/ mercantile and storage, two each, business/government offices, one, and educational, one.

The fires also destroyed tree vehicles, the BFP added.

Fire incidents were at their lowest in January with only 7 cases. They were at their highest in April with 102.

In March when high number of fire incidents was expected, there were 53 cases, the BFP added.

The most number of fire incidents were that of grass fire in sugarcane plantations with 134 cases.

Residential fire followed with 25 cases, electrical fire with 13 and rubbish fire with 8.

The BFP discourages the public to start fire in sugarcane fields to clean and cultivate the soil.

Smokers were also told to avoid throwing cigarette butts at sugarcane fields, which is the usual cause of fire, the BFP said.

Residents must also avoid overloading electrical extension cords, it added./PN


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