Baliao lauds Japan’s 50 years of support for SEAFDEC/AQD

Photo shows the Igang Marine Laboratory in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. The facility is operated by the SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center) Aquaculture Department. SEAFDEC

ILOILO City – The financial support of the Government of Japan to SEAFDEC /AQD (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center/ Aquaculture Department) for the last 45 years is very rewarding and gratifying. This was the gist of the message of AQD Chief Dan Baliao during the last Technical Support Meeting held at the National Institute of Aquaculture in Mie, Japan last Sept. 11-14.

The efforts of Japan’s support can be measured by the projects, infrastructures, equipment, trainings, fellowship, travel, employment and expertise.

Baliao told members of the Technical Support Group that GOJ through its Trust Fund have been generous in funding research projects relevant to aquaculture not only in the Philippines but all through Southeast Asia.

The Southeast Asia has diverse marine resources have been heavily utilized for human food but ironically have also been heavily exploited too by humans themselves.  To this, Japan funded a Regional Technical Consultation on Stock Enhancement for Threatened Species of International Concern held in Iloilo in 2005.

Immediate action towards replenishment of the overexploited species was undertaken to maintain and secure a wholesome ecosystem.

There were several other workshops, seminars, and consultative meetings organized by SEAFDEC/AQD with funding from the GOJ-TF.  These efforts of Japan were mainly all in the name of sustaining and maintaining diverse fisheries resources as this is now the most serious problem that mankind is facing.

Baliao hopes that through the support of the Government of Japan, SEAFDEC will strengthen its international role in the field of aquaculture./PN


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