Bayanikasan Constitution of Dr. Salvador Araneta

Prayer for Our Country

Come Holy Spirit, in these days of darkness where evil abounds and innocents are harmed.

Grant our leaders a new spirit.

Give them clean hearts and pure minds.

Let them be guided by your gift of wisdom, good counsel, fortitude, knowledge of good and evil, piety, and fear of the Lord.

Send your armies of angels, to stop the killings, the harassment, and the brutality that face the poor. In their helplessness, be the force to stop the work of Satan.

Free our brothers and sisters from the bondage of poverty shield them from Satan and his cohorts.

Bring out the best in people, in law-enforcers and in our lawmakers.

In your kindness, give them joys that last, justice, so they may be blessed with peace.

Give them good health, good jobs, and a bright future.

Let their hopes rest in you, dearest Mother Mary. Embrace them always with your mantle of love and protection.

May all Filipinos and all men live in peace and harmony, sharing their joys and suffering their richness and their compassion.

Remember dearest Mother, that those who come to you are never turned away.

Protect our country from all dangers so we may all enjoy the blessings of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

All these we ask through your Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord,



Prayer for Indigenous and Stateless People

Almighty God and Father Creator of all things beautiful,

Look down on the indigenous peoples and cultural communities of this earth.

For those who are stateless, because they lived in areas which are rightfully theirs but have been taken over by aggressors and oppressors, have pity upon them and grant them your protection.

Remove the evil of greed that eats up our humanity.

Take away from us the evil within us and around us.

Look at those to whom you have given the treasures of the earth to guard and to use when they have need of it and have mercy on them.

Save the minority Christians in the Middle East, those who are being sold as slaves, and genuine migrants seeking a new way of life without persecution, without hunger, and without racial discrimination.

Give us all the gifts of compassion, and courage, especially for those who lead us in our Christian faith.

Give them the strength so we can see You in them.

May all things become beautiful again as you have made them and which we have undone.

This we ask through Christ Your Son who we know never fails to hear the cry of the poor.



St. Kateri Tekakwitha – The First Saint of North American Indigenous Origin

Lily of the Mohawks and Daughter of the Algonquins,

You have been chosen by the Church as the first Saint amongst countless native Americans.

Pray for the indigenous peoples, the orphans, the abducted, and those who have contracted new disease as you yourself felt the burden that they carry.

Pray for them and for us, so we may care for all God’s gift and God’s children.

This we ask through the intercession of Mary Our Mother, whose virtues you imitated and suffered for.



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