Boracay exceeds tourist capacity for a day

Foreign tourists hang out at the white-sand beach of Boracay Island. On Nov. 30 the island resort exceeded its daily tourist arrival cap by a few hundreds, records show. JUN AGUIRRE/PN

BORACAY – For a day, this island resort exceeded its daily tourist arrival cap by a few hundreds.

Tourists who visited Boracay on Nov. 30 reached 6,772, a monthly summary of tourist arrivals courtesy of the Municipal Tourism Office of Malay town showed.

The Department of Tourism previously said the island can accommodate only 6,405 tourists on a daily basis.

Most of those who went to Boracay on Nov. 30 were domestic tourists (4,845).

The foreigners among them numbered 1,888 while there were 39 overseas Filipino workers, the summary showed.

For the president of the Boracay Foundation, Inc., an organization of local businesses, the numbers prove how naturally attractive the island is to tourists.

That the number of tourists exceeded the limit even just by a few hundreds “shows the desire of many to visit” Boracay, said Maylynn Graf.

“We anticipate the influx of tourist arrivals in Boracay during the Yuletide season,” said Graf.

In April the government ordered Boracay closed to visitors for six months to give way to rehabilitation efforts. The island was reopened on Oct. 26./PN



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