Public Relations — The Brand-Building Tool Used by the World’s Top Venture Capitalists (VCs)

Jedemae Lazo, Co-founder & CMO,
Jedemae Lazo, Co-founder & CMO,

From the gleaming corridors of Silicon Valley to the vibrant tech hubs of Southeast Asia, one fact is crystal clear: Public Relations (PR) is the unsung hero behind the meteoric rise of the world’s leading brands. Companies like Stripe, TikTok, and Grab have seen their names immortalized, not just by their innovative offerings but through strategic PR campaigns that cemented their footprint in global consciousness.

The Philippines, a nation brimming with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ventures, stands at the cusp of harnessing this power. But herein lies the challenge: how do Filipino companies tap into the magic of digital PR, especially when traditional PR firms often fall short in offering the agility, global reach, and cost-effectiveness they need?

Emerging from the heart of Asia’s tech hub Singapore and co-founded by enterprising Filipinos, provides the answer. It’s not just another PR firm; it’s a radical reimagining of what digital PR can achieve. operates as a media outreach and news-article publishing conduit. Companies can craft their news articles, their brand stories, and through, ensure it finds its rightful place in more than 1,600 leading national and regional news outlets in over 60 countries. It’s a blend of the DIY ethos with the horsepower of an expansive global media network.

Jedemae Lazo, Co-founder and CMO of, says, “Every business has a unique story, a pulse that defines it to tell. is the megaphone that ensures these narratives are heard and resonate globally. In today’s age, where the market dynamics shift rapidly, digital PR is the anchor that lends brands credibility, visibility, and trust.”

The advantages of over traditional PR mechanisms are manifold. Firstly, there’s the global reach. A startup in Makati can captivate audiences in Spain, Brazil, or the UAE. Beyond reach, there’s unmatched speed. Campaigns that might traditionally stretch over protracted weeks or months can be executed in days.

Moreover, offers an entrepreneur-friendly solution, underpinned by transparent pricing, a performance guarantee, and a risk-free engagement, ensuring every company, irrespective of its scale, can harness the full might of local or global digital PR.

The most transformative feature? The democratization of public relations. “ is leveling the playing field,” Lazo explains. “No longer is PR the exclusive realm of giants with deep pockets. We’re ensuring even the nascent startups, the dreamers, have access to this potent brand-building tool.”

When venture capitalists pour funds into startups, it’s not just the people, product or service they’re backing; it’s the story, the vision. Digital PR is the vehicle that communicates this vision to the world. In the context of the Philippines, where countless startups are vying for a slice of the global pie, emerges as a beacon, lighting the path.

Lazo emphasizes, “Our company is more than a platform; it’s a revolution. It’s our clarion call to Filipino businesses, telling them they too can bask in the global limelight, they too can harness the tool used by the world’s top VCs, and they too can etch their legacy in the annals of business history.”


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