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My Life As Art

The art of getting things done, Part 4

I MADE another trip to the city on Oct. 22. I saw my dentist, Dr. Laila Lorca Dato-on at Medicus.

The art of getting things done, Part 3

I WAS STILL reading my morning poetry does when someone paid me an early call on Oct 16. The quarry...

The art of getting things done, Part 2

I’M NEVER a difficult author. Especially if people just take everything I write. And why shouldn’t they?

The art of getting things done, Part 1

THIS has been another great working vacation. By the time you are reading this, I would have been packed and ready...

2019 Haw-as sa Dumangas, Part 2

(This article continues from Monday the details of the Haw-as Festival weeklong schedule. The 2019 Haw-as Festival starts this Saturday, Oct. 26 in Dumangas, Iloilo.)

2019 Haw-as sa Dumangas, Part 1

I’M A PROUD Dumangasanon. And I support the town’s annual Haw-as Festival. This year, the celebration starts on Oct....

My life as educator

IF I CAN help it, I would like to limit my speaking engagements during this visit to just two. Which means, I...

Who the hell is #PSN?

I DO amazing things. And because I do amazing things, I have become a living legend. And because on...

The Peter’s Prize Fund

I ESTABLISHED The Peter Solis Nery Foundation for Hiligaynon Literature and the Arts, Inc. in 2012. The following year, the Foundation proceeded to undertake...

#ThePSN Revolution in 21st Century Literature

I HAVE several things going for me. I have been offered the task of writing a textbook for the senior...

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