Ceres matriarch: Employees recognize Leo Roy as prexy

BACOLOD City – “Our employees have spoken. Our 15 branches have spoken. They only recognize Leo Rey (Yanson) as president.” Thus said Olivia Yanson, matriarch of Yanson family that owns the biggest bus empire in the country.

Yanson issued the statement in defense of son Leo Rey who was booted out as president of their several bus companies — Vallacar Transit,  Mindanao Star Bus Transit, Sugbo Transit Inc., Rural Transit Inc., and Bachelor Express – by her other children some two weeks ago.

“If you insist on the legality of your claims, let the courts decide first before proceeding on any actions against the (bus) terminals or against any employees loyal to me or Leo Rey,” according to Yanson, addressing her other children – Roy , Emily, Celina and Ricardo Jr.

On July 7, the four decided to boot out Leo Rey and make Roy the president of the bus companies.

“If you will not listen to me because your hearts are already cold, listen to your 18,000 employees – the very same people who toil day and night to make us what we are now. They deserve that,” stressed Yanson.

She added:  “Every time you bring your security forces and legal team to force yourselves in, our people experience anxiety and fear.”

Meanwhile, Roy urged younger brother Leo Rey to fulfill the wishes of their deceased father Ricardo Sr. for the family to unite and preserve his legacy. 

“We may have disagreements now but I still believe blood is thicker than water or power, I should say. I know Leo, even my sister Ginnette and my mother Olivia want nothing more than the best interest of this company which dad started,” said Roy.

But he criticized Leo Roy for suggesting to “just break up this company which my dad built from scratch and leave its fate on a toss coin between us.”

“Leo Rey probably thinks this is a popularity contest where the winner is the most popular and deserves a share of the empire. This explains why he, together with several others, continue trying to disrupt operations by coercing our employees to support a fake strike and preventing our security agency from doing their jobs,” according to Roy in a statement./PN


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