China-ASEAN-SEAFDEC/AQD collab in aquaculture looms

SEAFDEC/AQD chief Dan Baliao shakes hands with Me Jianguo Pro of the China-ASEAN Center for Joint Research and Promotion of Marine Aquaculture.

ILOILO City – China-ASEAN Center for Joint Research and Promotion of Marine Aquaculture Technology invited SEAFDEC/AQD Chief Dan Baliao to attend a forum to discuss collaboration with SEAFDEC/AQD. The forum carried a theme “cooperation, sharing, development”. SEAFDEC scientist, Dr. Edward Mamawag, joined Chief Baliao during the discussion in the forum. Other invited foreign aquaculture experts were from Indonesia, Malaysia and USA.

The participants of the China-ASEAN Marine Aquaculture Industry Development Forum that was held recently in Fuzhou, China explored the prospect of aquaculture collaboration between China-ASEAN and SEAFDEC/AQD. The forum was organized by School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University under the leadership of Me Jianguo Pro.

Priority areas identified were the development of marine aquaculture industry and establish the China-ASEAN marine aquaculture technology network to achieve the following objectives: marine aquaculture technology cooperation research; mature technology transfer and transformation of technology; demonstration base construction; and technical and management training between China-ASEAN countries to form transformation model for regional cooperation in science and technology.

“We are working to help the ASEAN countries establish a competitive industry with modern high-tech as the core and enhance its production, safety and benefits, in order to achieve mutual benefits and development China and ASEAN countries’, said Me Jiangno Pro in his letter to Chief Baliao.

The Conference was composed of four different meetings including Global Aquaculture Summit 2018; Shared, Cooperative and Developing Mariculture Industry Forum; China-ASEAN Center for Joint Research and Promotion of Marine Aquaculture Technology Working Conference; and China-ASEAN Seaweed Science and Technology Cooperation Conference. These different meetings were organized by different aquaculture agencies in China./PN


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