Clint Bondad: ‘No drama’ over breakup with Catriona Gray

CLINT Bondad took to social media to assure the public that there is “no drama” over his breakup with Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

In a series of Instagram Stories posts, the model and actor stressed that “the feeling is very mutual and comes from a caring side for each other.”

“Gosh guys, just chillax! I am supposed to be on vacation. Don’t make me work till next week!” he said in jest, reacting to the messages of sympathy he has been getting online.

“Read everything in an uplifting voice! It really is no biggy. We are ahead of you guys in time so we are all cool.”

Bondad went on to share a screenshot of a message from a concerned netizen, who noted that they can “feel the pain in your eyes.”

“Omg! And also stop sending me these! Haha it’s a sunny day!” he replied, using the hashtag #nodrama.

Gray revealed last Friday that she and Bondad called it quits after six years of being a couple.

In “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” the beauty queen said they “just didn’t work out.”

Despite this, Bondad had nothing but good words for Gray, saying he is “still the most beautiful woman that I have ever met.” (ABS-CBN News)


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