Coastguard Iloilo, Antique swap station chiefs

ILOILO – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) stations in Iloilo and Antique swapped posts.

Lieutenant Commander Perlita Cinco is now heading PCG-Iloilo while Lieutenant Rodolfo Dela Peña is now the chief of PCG-Antique.

A turnover ceremony was held on June 3 but it was actually only on June 17 when they final assumed their new posts because Cinco had to finish his schooling first.

According to Dela Peña, their swapping of posts was part of the annual rotation of station commanders in the PCG.

A PCG station commander has only one year tour of duty in every assigned area.

Dela Peña was assigned to PCG-Iloilo in February 2018. By the time he left Iloilo for his new assignment (Antique), he had served the province for one year and fours months already.

Dela Peña said he wanted to introduce to PCG-Antique the programs he had in PCG-Iloilo such as broadening the information campaign on sea safety especially among marginalized fisherman.

He considered his new assignment challenging, noting that every southwest monsoon season the seas of Antique become rough.

“I-continue ko ang program ko nga nasugoran sa Iloilo, especially ang information drive para mabal-an sang pumoluyo kag sang marginalized fishermen nga pag-malain ang panahon, ukon may bagyo, aware sila nga indi magpadagat,” said Dela Peña./PN


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