Common fitness errors

WE MENTIONED in our previous articles about exercises’ importance to our health and overall well-being. 

But sometimes we make mistakes during our fitness routines; these could slow our progress. Or maybe we simply get bored with our exercises.

There is a need to correct them. Fitness trainers have gathered the most common mistakes that even they themselves made during their training sessions.

Overdoing cardio

The recommended moderate cardio workout is 30 minutes at five days a week, but there are people who focus too much on this.

Fitness instructors say too much cardio depletes the body of lean muscle tissues.  Unless we’re training for a marathon, they say 20 to 30 minutes of mildly intense cardio will do. 

Overlooking strength training

Especially for women, it is important to have strength training to maintain muscle tissues and protect our bones because we can’t be young forever.

Muscles in our body increase metabolism even while at rest and the more muscle tissues we have, the more fat we burn. 

They recommend at least twice a week of strength training targeting different muscle groups.

Overlooking nutrition

Like a high-performance vehicle, our bodies can’t function without fuel and related supplementary diets.  Having enough nutrients in our bodies during exercise not only energizes us but also helps promote tissue repair and recovery. 

If we are really serious with fitness and nutrition, a registered dietician is the best person to consult for fueling up.

Sticking to the same routine

Our body is a complicated work of art and it can easily adapt to physical challenges. Our fitness routines should have variations so that things could be more interesting. 

We could add more weights, speed up a little in our walks or runs, try other exercise equipment, change the time or day for workouts or maybe find another route for our bike rides.

Exercising even if we don’t like it

Question is, why are we doing it if we don’t like it?  We’re just inviting injuries to our bodies. 

Fitness trainers advise to do the exercises we enjoy and like and we’ll be doing it consistently and achieve the results we desire.

Forcing ourselves to routines we hate will only make us drop the whole thing later on. Putting it simply, don’t do it if you don’t like it./PN


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