Contractor denied of bidding docs?

Municipal Bids and Awards Committee head Ramie Detaro of Panay, Capiz belies the allegation that they denied a contractor of bidding documents for a P3.6-million road re-blocking project in the town.GLENN BEUP/PN

ROXAS City – They were denied of bidding documents for a P3.6-million road re-blocking project in Panay, Capiz, an official from a private firm said.

The official told Panay News on the condition of anonymity that they have been trying to purchase the documents from the municipal Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) but they were ignored.

Pila na ka beses nga naga bakal kami bid documents sa BAC pero ginapamalibaran kami nila nga baligyaan. They told us that the project has already been committed to a contractor identified as NANA Builders,” the official said. “We found out that the project has already started ahead of the bidding schedule on March 26.”

The BAC conducted a pre-bidding conference on March 14, wherein there was only one bidder – NANA Builders.

“After the pre-bid conference, the BAC should make the bid documents immediately available to the contractors that wish to participate but it did not happen,” the official said. “On March 21, we kept on waiting at the BAC office to buy the bid documents, but they just ignored us.”

BAC chairman Ramie Detaro denied the allegation.

Detaro said the project – posted on the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System – is open to any interested contractor.

Detaro said all interested parties are “free to participate” in the bidding.

Ang BAC office bukas sa inyo (interested bidders) kag wala kami nagapamalibad sa pagbaligya sang bid documents as it is against RA (Republic Act) 9184, or the Government Procurement Reform Act,” he stressed./PN


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