Cristine Reyes celebrates milestone birthday in Thailand

Cristine Reyes

TURNING a year older presents one with the opportunity to look back.

And for Cristine Reyes, she can comfortably reflect on where her decisions took her and confidently proclaim that she’s happy.

The actress celebrated her milestone birthday in Thailand with her sisters and she took to Instagram to make a point.

“Happy and 30” was the caption to her first post, which she followed by a photo of her showing off her toned midriff. “If by thirty you mean ‘more awesome’ then YAS I AM 30.”

Reyes is a mother to daughter Amarah, whom she apparently didn’t take with her on this trip.

There were also no signs of her husband, Ali Khatibi, with whom she has long rumored to have split up.

Reyes has yet to address their status publicly, but they were seen together last December to celebrate the birthday of their child. (ABS-CBN News)


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