Don’t underestimate humanity

I WAS feeling sentimental and listened to some OPM (Original Pilipino Music) when I came across the song Hallelujah by Bamboo. The first few lyrics of the song struck me:

Ano’ng balita sa radyo at TV?

Ganoon pa rin kumakapa sa dilim

Minsa’y naisip ko na umalis na lang dito

Kalimutan ang lahat lumipad lumayo

It’s funny how an old song can still have so much impact in the times now. Though the message of the song is mostly about politics, I couldn’t help but think about all the calamities happening in our country. Countless typhoons, earthquakes, and lately, the restiveness of Taal Volcano. Looking through news updates make you feel depressed.

My loved ones have told me that “you’re so lucky to be abroad, you’re safe from danger.” But that’s not how I feel. It’s frustrating being so far away that you can’t easily help.

Also, the Philippines isn’t the only country that’s suffering. Australia is burning. Puerto Rico is also suffering from earthquakes. There is a threat of war between the US and Iran. A new virus is spreading throughout China and Thailand.

It makes you wonder why these things have to happen. Is humanity so vile that Mother Nature is wiping us out? The ones who suffer the most are the innocents; children, the poor and pets left behind.

Maybe though, all of these are tests for our humanity. Amidst all the horrible news, you see stories of hope, people going the extra mile to help their fellowmen regardless of distance.

The internet makes it easier for people to volunteer, donate and communicate. It’s like what you see in novels and movies. Humanity is faced with a seemingly unbeatable foe, but with sheer faith, hope and will power the human heroes win.

We may not be wizards, have special powers or be demigods, but in real life we can be the heroes of the story. In the end we will find a way to fight and survive.

That is why no matter how many bad things happen, humanity should never be underestimated. ([email protected]/PN)


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