SUMMER has arrived! The parties are crazy wild, with lots of food and booze. You attend every party, eager to meet new friends, listen to good music, and drink the stress away. You dance your heart out while drowning yourself in alcohol, guzzling one bottle after another. It was great. It was fun. It was one hell of a party.

But how do you feel the morning after? You have a headache, stomach ache, body ache, etc. You don’t know what you are exactly feeling and you do not want to get out of bed. It’s a bad hangover. And as much as you want to immediately “treat” it, you cannot just do it in an instant.

For now, here are some things you can do to feel better:

  1. Drink lots of water

This sounds obvious but this is the most important thing. It should be the first liquid that you need to drink in the morning to rehydrate your body. According to, “increasing your water intake may help alleviate some symptoms of hangovers and even prevent them altogether.”

Also remember that the next time you drink alcohol, alternate a glass of alcohol and a glass of water. This way, you will not be dehydrated.

  1. Get enough sleep

An article published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website revealed that “alcohol can cause sleep disturbances.”

“Though low to moderate amounts of alcohol may initially promote sleep, studies show that higher amounts and chronic use can ultimately disrupt sleep patterns,” it said.

It is important to get plenty of sleep for your body to recover from the hangover. Staying awake the whole night without drinking alcohol can make you feel groggy and disoriented. How much more if you drink alcohol, right? That will feel worse.

  1. Go out and exercise

One of the most effective ways of curing a hangover is to sweat it out. We know it’s tough to get out of your bed and move, but a little exercise can make you feel better. It will boost your mood and increase your metabolism.

Don those running shoes and take a brisk walk to feel the fresh air. You can also do other cardio exercises. Just make sure to replenish your body with enough water.

  1. Take a shower

A nice, cool shower will alleviate your hangover. Some people even light scented candles while taking a shower. They say it helps them.

  1. Eat a good breakfast

Fill your stomach with a hearty breakfast. Try eggs, leafy vegetables, bananas, noodle soup, and oats, among others. These food have magic powers to help you get out of that painful pit of hangover.

Drinking occasionally is a good way to socialize and relieve stress. But watch out for the hangover!/PN


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