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Jobs and MSMEs

IN THE whole country, Western Visayas ranked fifth among regions with the highest number of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), according to the Department of Trade and Industry. This is good news.
Now consider this: An online survey conducted by the Department of Labor and Employment and JobStreet.com Philippines showed that three out of four locally-employed Filipinos would accept jobs in their home region rather than work in another part of the country.
Here’s one good thing: MSMEs play an important role in generating jobs throughout the country, especially in poor municipalities. And as more Filipino MSMEs participate on economic trade resulting to more jobs, urban centers are not the only places where there’s a multitude of job opportunities. According to DTI, MSMEs generate 62 percent of the total jobs in the country.
We therefore need to sustain our gains by strengthening our MSME programs because aside from generating employment opportunities and better incomes, they are powerful platforms for promotion of viable rural livelihoods, cultural preservation, socio-economic empowerment of indigenous peoples, and environmental protection.
We should also promote green jobs and green skills in the country. Other nations encourage their people to engage in management in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, environmental information technology, and other careers that contribute to environmental preservation. All these efforts would complement our existing job generation strategies.



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