THE HOLY Week is a staple tradition and celebration in the Philippines. Let’s explore local Lenten traditions with photos from the members of Discover Panay Island by Hawili Hurom Inc.

Photo By James Deep Blue Diamncil
Photo By Chalcedon Sañor
Photo By Jay Gadong

Photos of Jay Gadong, James “Deep Blue” Diamncil and Chalcedon Sañor shows how Panayanons celebrate Lent, especially Palm Sunday with devotees flocking to churches like the  Jaro Cathedral and St. Clements Church in La Paz District in Iloilo City, as they wave their palm fronds to be blessed by a priest.

Photo By Santiago Abella Vito

Santiago Abella shows the last supper captured in Roxas City, Capiz – with locals traditionally commemorating the last feast by wear costumes, and portraying the 12 Apostles. This dramatization is being practice across Panay and Guimaras Island.

Photo By Michael John Sabido

In Panay and Guimaras Islands, locals also stage the Stations of the Cross and the Passion of the Christ. In some area they stage a Dawn Via Crucis.

The Stations of the Cross or the Way of the Cross, also known as the Way of Sorrows or the Via Crucis, refers to a series of images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion and accompanying prayers.

Photo of Jomaria Redecio Romaquin shows lady prayers solemnly in front of one of the Station of the Cross in Mandayog Hill, Banga, Aklan.  Another photo by Timmy Cadion shows one of the stations of the cross in Balan Bukid, Guimaras. There are 14 Station in the Way of the Cross.

Photo By Nathan Tupas Garcia

In some areas in Panay and Guimaras Island they stage the famous Oberrammergau Passion Play from West Germany. The play shows the story of Christ’s Passion, beginning with the entry into Jerusalem and ending with the Death of Christ on the Cross with locals as actors.

Photo By James Deep Blue Diamncil

One of the famous reenactment of the Christ’s Passion is in Balaan Bukid, Jordan in the province of Guimaras. Photos of James “Deep Blue” Diamncil shows how they stage the Passion of Christ in Guimaras.

Photo By James Deep Blue Diamncil
Photo By Gerald Inocencio

Other towns in Panay also stage their own Passion of Christ, as seen in the photo of Nathan Tupas Garcia from Barotac Viejo, Gerald Inocencio from Numancia, Aklan, and Melville de la Cruz from Lutod-lutod, Capiz.

Also one of the tradition of the Panayanons is the “Procession” during the eve of Good Friday. It showcases human-like image of Saints, scenes leading up to the death of Christ. Refer to photos of Sid Tendencia in Tigbauan, Iloilo; of Angelo Cepe in San Jose Antique; of Earl Masangkay in Aklan; of Jomarie Redecio Romaquin Banga, Aklan; of Drae Pilarta in Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City; of Ian John Pamplona also in Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City; of Jay Gadong in Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City; of Adrian Denila in Molo, Iloilo City; and of Melville de la Cruz in President Roxas, Capiz.

Photo By Earl Masangkay
Photo By Jay Gadong

Then after the commemoration crucifixion of Christ the Christians practice visiting (Pagduaw) the Images of Christ – displayed in churches to be kissed by parishioners (Paghado).

Visit Panay and Guimaras Island to experience different way of commemorating the Holy Week./PN


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