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The next level of customer relations

(Continued from yesterday)

GOING back to the basics, it could be said that in its earlier versions, Customer Relations Management (CRM) software tended to focus more on addressing customer complaints, and nothing more. As it was originally used, it was generally assumed that for as long as a customer complaint is sufficiently addressed, the CRM software that was used could already be considered as being good enough.
In its newer versions however, CRM software could not be considered as good enough if all it could do is to address customer complaints. As it is now being used, it is not enough for CRM software to be considered as good enough, because the technology has been leveled up to a point wherein it should not simply just satisfy the customer, it should surprise him or her with the highest possible quality of service that would make him very happy and very satisfied, beyond his expectations.
From one perspective, it could be said that a government agency has lesser motivation than a private enterprise, because the latter has a profit motive whereas the former only has a legal mandate. This disadvantage could be possibly aggravated by the negative thinking that citizens will pay taxes anyway, no matter what, because they are legally obligated to do so. In contrast, the customers of the private enterprises will not buy their products or services if their customer service is lousy.
There was a time in the past wherein government employees could get promoted even if they do not perform, but that is now changing because the government now has a performance based promotion system. One way or the other, this new promotion system in the government could possibly become an alternative to the profit motive of the private enterprises.
The heat is on, because the private enterprises are now trying to beat each other in the game of delivering the highest form of customer experience, a trend that is now considered to be the next level of customer relations. Hopefully, this trend will spill over to the government agencies so that sooner or later, they will also be trying to beat each other in this new game.
That may not happen right away, but whether the government agencies will like it or not, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has already set the higher standards for addressing customer complaints, he has also set the higher standards for servicing the needs of citizens as they apply for documents and official forms.
Very recently, he has also set the higher standards for reporting incidents of corruption in the government. His signals are very clear. After focusing on illegal drugs and illegal gambling, he will focus next on addressing corruption./PN



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