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Endo versus Dividendo, 4

AS I RECALL, the oppressive practice of “contractualization” was invented by the big business owners who wanted to avoid paying for the long term...

Endo versus Dividendo, 3

WHEN customers buy from the big stores, they get nothing except some discounts that are few and far between and some miniscule points from...

Endo versus Dividendo, 2

THE ONLY difference between the contractual employees and the owners of the big stores is that the latter has access to capital.

Redefining the labor sector

THE TERM laborer usually denotes “worker”, hence the general understanding is that only the “real” laborers could be considered as “blue collar workers”.

‘Fake news’

WIKIPEDIA defines news as information about current events, and Merriam Webster defines it as a report of recent events or previously unknown information.

Inclusive society

A UNITED Nations Organization (UNO) document defines social inclusion as “a process by which efforts are made to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless...

Reducing corruption possible

WHILE I AM fully supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), I could not really understand why the goal set...


ACCORDING to www.access-jesus.com, the core definition of greed is that it is “the obsession with accumulating material goods.” There may...

Tools and goals of development

GROWTH could happen even without a plan, but there could be no real development if there is no real planning. It is possible for...

Carbon neutral economies

BHUTAN is the only country in the world that is not only carbon neutral, it is actually carbon negative.

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