Film ‘Kita Kita’ gets Indonesian remake

ALESSANDRA de Rossi and Empoy Marquez’s 2017 movie, “Kita Kita,” gets a remake in Indonesia.

“Kita Kita” director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo posted the trailer of the remake on her Instagram account on Sept. 15.

Titled “Cinta Itu Buta,” or “Love is Blind” in English, the movie stars Indonesian actors Shandy Aulia and Dodit Mulyanto. It is directed by Rachmania Arunita.

According to Bernardo’s post, the Indonesian remake was shot in Busan, South Korea.

She wrote in the caption, “Got teary eyed on this. Congratulations team #KitaKita and #CintuItuButa! Can’t wait to watch this Indonesian remake shot in Busan, (South) Korea! Look! Tonyo @empoy and Lea @msderossi.”

The original “Kita Kita” movie featured Alessandra as a blind woman who fell in love with Empoy’s character. It was set in Sapporo, Japan.

To date, “Kita Kita” is the highest-grossing Philippine independent film, reaching P320 million in the box office.

Because of its success, it gave birth to the tandem of Alessandra and Empoy called “AlEmpoy.” They worked on another project together, the teleseryeSince I Found You” They are also set to work on another movie project. (


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