Gary V to son Gab: ‘You being around is more than enough’

MUSIC veteran Gary Valenciano penned a heartfelt message for his son, Gabriel, on the occasion of the latter’s 31st birthday, assuring him of their family’s unfailing presence.

On Instagram, Gary put together two photos of both of them inside a hospital room – one with the older Valenciano in bed, and his son by his side; and the other, showing the opposite.

“There are some things that I will never forget. These moments are a couple of them,” Gary wrote, addressing his son.

In 2018, Gary underwent several medical operations to address a heart condition, as well as the onset of kidney cancer. He is now cancer-free.

Gabriel, meanwhile, has had a tumultuous past three years, and at one point “imploded and tried to hurt myself to numb myself of the pain, disappointment, uncertainty, doubt and fear.” He has since bested the “darkest most painful” time of his life.

“Son, you’ve always told your mom and me that someday you’d like to take care of us so we won’t have to work as hard any longer. Just you being around Gab is more than enough,” Gary said.

“I pray that, more than anything else, you continue to grow deeper in your friendship with Jesus, and you rise in accomplishing all the good that He has set for you to accomplish,” he went on.

Gabriel previously credited his faith and his family, as well as his current girlfriend Jocelyn Santiago, for helping him recover from his bout with depression.

“Your brain may take a beating at times. But taking a beating doesn’t mean you’re beaten. It just means you got wounded and hurt as you engaged and faced the challenges. It’s all part of what makes you come out a true winner.

“For as long as this heart continues to beat, I’ll be here for you, your brother, your sister, and your mom too. Happy birthday son. I love you,” Gary wrote. (ABS-CBN News)


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