Grab every opportunity

GRADUATING students should bear in mind that school only helps in their preparation for the competitive marketplace ahead; it is still up to them whether they will make it in their prospective jobs. At this moment, it is best for fresh graduates to grab every opportunity that comes along their way because, as they say, it only comes once in a lifetime.

Several thousands of college students nationwide are graduating this month and, hopefully, go about achieving their ultimate goal in life beyond the parameters of the school campus. Welcome to the real world.

Many fresh graduates may find it really hard to land a job immediately. Getting employed is tougher today amidst the proliferation of contractual employment. Stiff competition should also be expected as fewer jobs become available to a lot of first-time job seekers who have to compete with other still unemployed individuals.

Young people are also three times more likely to be unemployed than adults as reported by the International Labor Organization since most employers nowadays seek applicants with sufficient work experience. It seems that graduating students should gear up for more challenging days after graduation.

Job hunting could be a difficult process for fresh graduates, but when approached with enough knowledge and confidence, it may lead to change and fulfillment in life. Indeed, job search is a process. It may be tiring, frustrating and disappointing. But it need not be traumatic. For those who are ready, it can be a fulfilling and life-changing experience, particularly if one approaches the task with adequate knowledge and confidence that springs from self-worth and skills to position the jobseeker in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Despite issues on employment, new graduates should still be optimistic for their future as the employment rate of the country is on the uptrend, according to recent survey results – if the government were to be believed.

First-time job seekers should take the opportunity that their first jobs will offer as these may give them enough experience and skills. This is a way to earn experience and pick up job-ready skills. It is no secret that employers are looking for people with skills more relevant to the current economy, and one of the greatest things future job seekers can do is prepare themselves for this shift.


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