GSO rids Iloilo City of campaign posters; ‘upcycling’ of election posters pushed

Personnel of Iloilo City’s General Services Office take down campaign posters at La Paz district plaza. These would be disposed to the Calajunan dumpsite in Mandurriao district. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN

ILOILO City – The General Services Office (GSO) of the city government has started cleaning the city up of election campaign posters, streamers, leaflets and other election paraphernalia, particularly those displayed in public plazas.

According to GSO head Joren Sartorio, around 160 GSO street sweepers were being mobilized.

The cleanup started on Tuesday a day after the May 13 midterm elections. Mayor Jose Espinosa III ordered it.

The collected campaign paraphernalia were brought to the city’s sanitary landfill in Barangay Calajunan, Mandurriao district.

Those which could still be recycled were forwarded to the United Calajunan Livelihood Association which would repurpose them into useable items such as bags and leis.

For a few years now, the association has been exporting recycled/repurposed materials to Japan and/or tapping the help of the Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Tourism to market their recycled products.

Several volunteer organizations are also cleaning the city up.

“Kon wala sila salakyan nga kargahan sang mga natipon nila, they are free to contact sa amon kay kami ma-haul. Istoryahon lang nila kami kon sa diin makuha,” said Sartorio.

Waste and pollution watchdog Ecowaste Coalition said upcycling, or the creative reuse of discards, is a practical way of saving resources from being burned or sent to the dumps and landfills for disposal.

“Regardless of the outcome of your election bid, we appeal to all candidates and parties to take down your campaign materials without delay. Kabit, sabit o dikit mo, tanggal mo,” said Aileen Lucero, national coordinator of Ecowaste Coalition.

Decreased garbage volume, lower disposal cost, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, conservation of resources, cleaner surroundings and enhanced environmental awareness are some of the benefits of upcycling election campaign materials, the coalition stressed./PN


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