Have the right mindset for saving


THE term “savings” is hardly appealing to most, as it is practically synonymous to abstaining and being frugal.

This is understandable, wealth expert Vince Rapisura says, because the fact of the matter is that there is pleasure in spending.

“Hindi enjoy ang magtipid. The truth is we derive pleasure from spending,” he told Atom Araullo in an episode of “#UsapangPera.”

The trick to it is having the right mindset when it comes to saving, he added.

But how can Filipinos change their perception of something as unpleasant as saving?

  1. “Save for sunny days”

Instead of following the age old advice “Saving for rainy days,” Rapisura says you should think of it as “Saving for sunny days.”

“So, ang lagi nating naririnig di ba parang, ‘Save for rainy days’ pero ako, gusto ko siyang binabaliktad, ‘Saving for sunny days’ para something to look forward to hindi yung negative yung parati nating iniisip,” he said.

“So, it could be both. You could be saving for the future pero you could also be saving for your wants and for your happiness,” he added.

  1. Associate saving with the feeling of fulfillment

There is nothing wrong with spending, Rapisura says, as long as you do so responsibly.

Since spending is pleasurable, he wants you to remember the feeling that comes with it and associate it with saving for future purchases.

Ang paggastos, for example ay lalabas kayo with your parents, treat them to dinner, gagastos yan. Masaya yon. May anak ka, paaaralin mo sa pribadong school, di ba masaya yun? Bibilhan mo ng bagong damit yung mahal mo sa buhay, masaya yun. So, yun yung gusto kong feelings na ma-associate ng mga tao sa pagse-save,” he said.

“So, yung mindset na una mong kukunin kapag nagse-save tayo, dapat yung pakiramdam mo, hindi ka pinaparusahan,” he added.

  1. Have a goal from the outset

As Rapisura puts it, savings is the postponement of the pleasure of spending.

But the bottomline is, you will eventually have the pleasure of spending again, whether it’s for a new laptop, or a new car, or a house.

However, you have to establish a goal that will keep you motivated.

“Make savings a pleasurable experience. Your needs, wants and dreams should be your motivation and inspiration to save,” he said. (GMA News)


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