Heart and Chiz on relationships: You have to fight for it

Heart Evangelista recently received her Gold Play Button Award for reaching one million subscribers on Youtube. As a sign of gratitude to her fans, she uploaded a second part of “Adulting with Chiz” segment.

The couple this time talked about relationships. One question that Heart asked Chiz was how to make a relationship last.  

Chiz replied, “You work at it. As I’ve said it’s not gonna be all easy, all smooth, so you definitely have to work at it and sometimes even fight for it, whether or not your relationship will last.”

In the vlog, the couple also talked about how they both faced the situation when Heart had a miscarriage.

“One has to do the consoling while the other one is grieving. Huwag mo lang sabayan. In my case I didn’t indulge. I didn’t dwell. Huwag lang sabay and that’s how we were able to overcome it,” Chiz stated.

Heart also shared in the vlog how her past relationships helped her to become the best version of herself for Chiz.

The actress relayed, “I read somewhere  that we meet people for a season, for a reason and a lifetime, and I think everything that I went through prepared me for the person that I was going to end up with.”

“Kailangan mo talaga pagdaanan ‘yun and maybe that’s why I needed it to be who I am today. So deserving naman ikaw na makakuha ng tao na I feel you deserve and maybe I really need to go through that to prepare me for you. Looking back I really don’t regret everything. I am glad that I went through that because I think I know how to love the right way, the proper way, if there is even such a thing, for somebody like you, you deserve the world,” she told Chiz. (Push)


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