THE start of the auspicious year of the earth pig is a good way to have a do-over – especially when it comes to all aspects of your health. It may sound cliché, but making healthy choices helps clear your mind and make your heart healthy. The challenge, however, is maintaining these resolutions. Live your best year yet with these tips that will help you stick to them:

Learn how to discern.

As the year rolls in, everyone is starting to find that the Konmari method of tidying up and decluttering is doing wonders for them. Learning to let go of unimportant and excessive material things can truly be good for you! It isn’t only in releasing material things out into the world that is freeing, it is also in releasing the past hurts and learning tolerance and forgiveness. The wisdom to discern the things you cannot change can be a real gift when deciding to start the year with a healthy heart because nothing is comparable to peace of mind.

Make exercise resolutions you can stick to.

Physical activity is one of the best things for heart health and everyone’s got a resolution to get more exercise. What’s important is to make it an achievable goal, something attainable based on your reality and habits. Most resolutions get junked because they aren’t personalized. A gradual progression and consistently taking small steps every day is more effective than creating large changes in your life.

Always choose the healthier option.

Dieting is also another common new year’s resolution. You may have experienced the holiday overindulgence and lived to regret it. Now it is time to make healthier choices. Like exercising, setting too high a standard may make it difficult for you to stay with it, but if you learn to make the healthier choice one meal at a time, progress can be made. Keep your food items healthy as possible. Choose vegetables, fruits, and seafood instead of fat-laden red meats or sugary treats. Use healthier cooking methods like baking instead of frying. Opt for healthy oils like canola oil that has the lowest saturated fat among all vegetable oils.

The key to keeping your heart healthy as you start the year is to pay attention to what you feel, both physically and emotionally. Pay attention to what fills you with purpose and what fills your tummy.  Watch what you eat. With most dishes requiring the use of oil, it is essential to use the kind that can be beneficial to you.

Fill the new year with all the things that are good for both you and the people around you. (GMA News) (Illustrations by Grace Lee)


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