Iloilo by night

FROM WHERE I stay, I have a good view of the city by night.

Well, not the entire city; that would be an overstatement, but a good part of the city.

I must say it’s a panoramic view. In fact, during the Christmas season, Dinagyang Festival and Chinese New Year, I just had to look up from my terrace to see and admire as the sky exploded with a kaleidoscope of colors.

I didn’t have to go to the malls and hotels to watch the sky burst with fantastic colors. It’s right at my window. How lucky can I get huh! From my vantage point, I can see the lovely river, the short buildings and skyscrapers, overpass, traffic lights, vehicles, the sturdy bridges, and people doing their daily grind. I can’t complain.

In fact, when a fire hit Barangay Taal in Molo, I saw the inferno from my window. It lasted for hours. I heard all the sirens blowing as fire truck after fire truck came from nearby towns to reinforce the city’s fire trucks. The fire was contained past midnight. It was a long night though for the fire victims and fire fighters.

I witness the sun set. Oh yes, I watch it with amazement especially when it becomes playful and changes colors from golden orange to yellow to pink. I watch the black birds fly by dusk to a destination I will never know. I could try and figure out but that will be the subject of another column.

The night life is alive in Iloilo City. Yup, you have a variety of places to go that provide live entertainment. Being an avid fan of live music, I just revel in the music in the company of old and new friends. At one time, my friend Grace Bayoneta Solis – she’s from General Santos City but has lived in Iloilo City since college, married, and settled here – and I listened to an acoustic singer in one of the bars located at the Festive Walk area.

Another time, Grace and hubby Bong brought me to Cable Car where an acoustic duet also entertained us.

Lately, Grace, hubby Bong, Kagawad Rodner Espinosa, and I listened to live music at Plazuela de Iloilo. That was my second time there and I must say the lady performer was a total pro! Not to be outdone, the male singer also belted out songs in his perfect voice. This duo just rocked my night away!

Then there’s videoke. We had a blast singing the night away at District 21. I was in the company of Rodner, JR Trompeta, Nuyen Rivera, Reymar Barlas, Clynt Conlu, Grace, and hubby.

On two occasions, I went to Seda Atria to witness two events – all at night. One was last Christmas when the hotel hosted a Christmas dinner with a school choir as entertainers. Another one was a post-Dinagyang event where a jazz band performed live! What a night! My son Hezekiah and I had a grand time listening to “Spain” and other jazz selections.

I commend Seda Atria for organizing exciting events primarily targeted at their patrons. Well done!

Of course, your night escapade won’t be complete without walking through the famous esplanade. Oh yes, seeing people leisurely walk, jog, exercise, sit, talk, or simply have a good time, is both fascinating and inspiring. You start asking yourself: Why can Iloilo City put this up and my own city can’t? But that’s a subject for another column.

The food ah! Oishi desu! It’s a food haven here. Iloilo City offers an array of delectable choices from talaba, native chicken, beef, pork, fish, vegetable salads, and what have you! I have been to plenty of restaurants and food outlets and it always astonishes me that food is tasty and served in utterly unique ways. I always leave hankering for more and to think I strictly stick to a diet, haha. Goodbye diet temporarily.

Well, the excitement continues as we explore the city and discover what it has to offer.

In the meantime, life goes on in beautiful Iloilo.



Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life. – Teri Garr


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