Iloilo Innovation Council drafts first plans for Innovate Iloilo Roadmap

THE Iloilo Innovation Council is currently hard at work putting together the first goals and projects for the Innovate Iloilo Roadmap 2030. According to IBC executive director Maria Lara, most of the work is still on the preliminary stage, though the stakeholders have already conducted several workshops and meetings for establishing the pillars. 

“Following the Innovation Expo, ang pinaka-priority is to finish the Innovation Roadmap,” Lara said. “This is something that’s really customized sa direction sang Iloilo given the resources that we have.”

The new roadmap will be based on several critical “pillars,” all of which were chosen to customize Iloilo’s technological development. These are: Innovation Centric Policies and Governance System, Smart Cities and Communities, an Innovation Driven Economy, a Globally Competitive Academe, Internationally Recognized R&D Centers, Strong Startup Ecosystems and tied together Visionary Leadership.

Additionally, the roadmap is also prioritizing Iloilo’s transformation into a “smart city,” a term that’s used to describe cities that have been integrated with the Machine Learning and AI (artificial intelligence) technology to better deliver services.

“So we’re trying to put in details, details nga pinaka-target, pinaka-priority maybe one to three priorities gid sang each pillar, and how we will be able to attain ang objectives nga na; what are mga institutions kag lead agencies nga mag-implement gid, nga mag-follow through sina, kag ang mga activities under sa ila.”

Lara said, however, the council is waiting for the Department of Science and Technology Engineer Rowen Gelonga to return from his meetings, so that they can finish the debriefing of the Iloilo Innovation Expo. But once that’s finished, they will eventually start to create new goals and ideas based on the standards of the Global Innovation Index.

“We’re using the Global Innovation Index as a tool to measure also, kay again, we don’t want to come up with initiatives and projects nga wala siya ga-contribute or indi siya ma-measure or ma-recognize under the global innovation community,” Lara said. “We want to make sure nga naka-align siya.”/PN 


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