ILOILO – From January to April 28, this province recorded 234 dengue cases, with one death.

The component city of Passi had the most number of cases at 24, according to the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

A person infected by the dengue virus develops severe flu-like symptoms such as severe headache, pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting, swollen glands, muscle and joint pains, and rash.

Nine other towns with a considerable number of dengue cases were Calinog (22), Janiuay (15), Pototan (12), Oton (12), Pavia (12), Anilao (11), Dumangas (10), Cabatuan (10), and Estancia (8).

The figures in the four-month period this year were higher than those recorded between January to April last year (207), said Dr. Patricia Grace Trabado, provincial health officer.

The dengue fatality was from Janiuay, she said.

Be wary of day-biting mosquitoes because dengue has ceased to become a rainy season illness, it is now an all-year-round one, said Trabado.

This dry season, people who stock water should cover their containers, she stressed.

Dengue mosquitoes breed in clean, stagnant water.

Trabado again reminded Ilonggos to observe the “4S strategy” to combat dengue:

* search and destroy mosquito breeding places

* self-protection measures

* seek early consultation for fever lasting more than two days

* say “no” to indiscriminate fogging

By the end of December last year, the number of dengue cases in the province reached 1,222 – with Passi City having the most cases at 96 cases with one death. Calinog had 95 cases with one death, too, said Trabado./PN


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