Jake Zyrus on restroom issue: I respect the law

Jake Zyrus voiced out his opinion about a recent issue involving a trans woman named Gretchen Diez, who was disallowed from using the female restroom.

In an interview with Jake at the press launch of his new album Evolution, the singer, who is open about being a trans man remarked, “I used to think that way, pipilitin ko ‘yung sarili ko to go to the male’s restroom but as I grew older, the more I realized na not everyone thinks the same, not everyone believes in the beliefs that you believe. So nagsi-CR ako sa kung saan ako dapat mag-CR, kung ano po ‘yung naiisip niyo, doon ako nagsi-CR. I simply follow the law, I respect the law.”

He added, “It goes both ways. It’s about behavior. It’s about how we treat each other. This is not about sexuality anymore…this is about how we are going to treat each other and how we are going to understand each other…”

Jake stressed that one should not insist his or her belief to others. “If someone does not understand what you are going through, if someone doesn’t understand who you are, you simply understand them kasi we don’t have the right to push everyone to accept our beliefs. Paano kung gawin sa’yo ‘yun?” the international singer stated. 

“If I go to a women’s restroom and they feel awkward, that is not my fault anymore because I am just following the law because it’s what they said, right? Biologically I am a woman so I follow it. Because I don’t need everyone else’s validation of who I am,” Jake remarked. 

Is the singer in favor of having a separate restroom for transgender people? 

Jake Zyrus further said, “Ako po I agree lang kung iyon ay magpapa-better sa ating bansa sa totoo lang, if it is going to be a good thing for our country. If everyone is going to stop hating each other because of a restroom nasa gobyerno na po natin ‘yan. There are so many problems that we have to face a lot more than this. I am more concerned of that.” (Push)


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