Joe welcomes probe on drone, pickup purchases

ILOILO City – Mayor Jose Espinosa III welcomed the plan of Mayor-elect Jerry Treñas to probe the city government’s purchases of a drone, pickups and computers, among others.

“All of these purchases underwent bidding. Wala gid ako pag-shortcut. Every bidding procedure was followed. Imbestigahan ‘ya. Aboveboard man ina,” said Espinosa.

Treñas, who defeated brother-in-law Espinosa in a bitterly-contested May 13 midterm election for mayor, announced he would form an investigation committee to, among others, determine if the purchases were overpriced.

“The investigative committee will be led by the City Legal Office. Tanan nga alleged anomalous, overpriced transactions patun-an kon ano obrahon,” said Treñas.

The drone allegedly cost P800,000; P100,000 for a computer set; and P2.1 million for each of several 4×2 pickups.

“Ambot kon ano interpretasyon ‘ya sang mahal…he is the mayor, kon gusto ‘ya imbestigaron ‘ya,” said Treñas.

Espinosa said he did not meddle in the bidding processes.

“While the transaction went through the bidding processes, how can you justify purchasing a vehicle at almost P2.2 million when you can buy it in the market for around P1.5 to P1.6 million?” said Treñas.

The drone and its peripherals, on the other hand, were reportedly requested by the City Engineering Office during the administration of then mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog in 2016 for its comprehensive drainage project but it was only recently when funds became available./PN


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