Kris Aquino sheds light on financial issue vs Nicko Falcis

WHEN Kris Aquino filed a legal complaint against her former business manager Nicko Falcis in November, her sole motive was to expose the latter for fraud, after allegedly using her funds for her production company, Kristina C. Aquino Productions (KCAP), for personal gain.

That is, until just recently when the “Queen of All Media” revealed that other financial matters are involved in their dispute. Among this, she claims, is her P40-million-worth investment for her sons, Bimby and Josh, which remain unaccounted for up to this day.

“Allow me to clarify the financial issue, I asked for an accounting of ₱40M invested for my sons, and financial reports for our 12 Potato Corner+Nacho Bimby branches and my lawyers & I were ignored,” she said.

Carefully refusing to drop names, Kris went on to share that Nicko’s mentor has been in talks with her counsel, Attorney Dean Nilo Divina, for a possible settlement since last Monday.

“To him [Nicko] I say, ‘Maswerte ka, there’s a man who sees you as his own son.’ I believe this was out of his own volition, and my respect for that man’s integrity grew even more. Hindi niya kadugo pero tinaya niya ang reputasyon niya.”

For her closing statement, the celebrity mom said that the issue couldn’t have possibly blown into the controversy that it is today had only the two parties got the chance to discuss properly.

“To that man I say, on hindsight, had you and my Ate only spoken in September, we’d have had peace.” (Push)


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