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THE MEMBERS of the board of BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation (BPI AMTC) were understandably elated when its president Sheila Marie U. Tan broke the good news last week: BPI AMTC has been recognized as the “2018 Best Wealth Management Provider for the Philippines” by World Finance.

The prestigious World Finance is a quarterly print and online magazine providing coverage and analysis of the financial industry and markets since 2007.

BPI AMTC is the first and largest stand-alone trust corporation in the Philippines. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

BPI AMTC administers close to 600 billion in assets under management (AUM), serving both institutional investors, retirement funds and individual investors with a full range of innovative local and global investment products.

The board is composed of Antonio Jose U. Periquet (chairman), Sheila Marie U. Tan (president), Cezar P. Consing, Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Mercedita S. Nolledo, Rebecca G. Fernando, Romeo L. Bernardo, Jesse Ang and this writer (directors).

The following make up the senior management team:

Sheila Marie U. Tan, president and CEO; Smith L. Chua, chief investment officer; Christmas G. Sevilla, treasurer and co-head of clients segment division;  Yvette Mari V. De Peralta, co-head of clients segment division; Marijoy Y. Kawpeng, head of strategic planning and marketing; Maria Paz A. Garcia, head of risk and compliance  and Kim O. Chua, head of custody business.

We quote below some of the reasons for the award given by World Finance.

“(1) BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation, is the largest wealth management provider in the Philippines.  This scale, gives BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation, key player status in the region.

“As illustrated by strong positive net asset inflows,…key player status is further demonstrated by the strong client-centric approach of BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation’s team of investment counselors, which is underpinned by strong operational effectiveness, coupled to a strong value/long term focus investment philosophy.
“(2) The strength of the very client-centric approach, coupled to strong understanding of current issues, trends and needs of the region’s high net worth individuals (HNWIs) such as, portfolio management, investment planning products and funds distribution, gives BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation, a strong, proactive, holistic understanding of their clients’ wealth management needs and objectives.
“(3) Strong customer advocacy of the BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation brand, has been noted, which indicates strong client recognition and trust. This is the key facet for the leadership and success BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation now demonstrates, as the wealth management provider of choice in Philippines.”

Speaking for BPI AMTC, Tan felt humbled by the award.

“To be recognized by independent institutions like World Finance affirms our resolve to always do right by our clients and continue to handle their wealth with the highest standards of fidelity and financial proficiency.

“We observe this not just for our institutional and high net worth clients but also for our retail investors who have put their hard-earned income in our investment funds.”

Tan also underscored the BPI group’s thrust towards financial inclusion.

“Wealth management is not just for the affluent. We are committed to make our products and services available and more accessible across all sectors to give everyone equal opportunity to grow their money. As part of the BPI group, we believe that financial inclusion is key in creating a better nation.”

It is worth mentioning that earlier, BPI AMTC was named as the Best Asset and Fund Manager in the Philippines by the Alpha Southeast Asia for the fourth year in a row.


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