Lucy Torres-Gomez gets nostalgic seeing daughter Juliana all grown up

Juliana Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez

Model-turned-politician Lucy Torres-Gomez can’t help but long for the days when she was still a first time mother every time she casts a glance at her daughter Juliana Gomez now all grown up.

The celebrity mother and wife to actor and Ormoc City mayor Richard Gutierrez, on Tuesday, felt nostalgic as she shared on Instagram a video of her only child, now 18, looking absolutely breathtaking during a photo shoot.

“My beautiful baby girl,” she said. “I look at you now and wonder how you are all so grown up already, when I still remember so clearly how you were this little girl who loved pancakes and bedtime stories and dreamt of becoming a rock star.”

The sentiment may have been in connection with Juliana having just graduated from high school earlier this week. On Tuesday, the younger Gomez, who finished her studies at Everest Academy Manila, similarly turned to the image-sharing app to mark this milestone together with her school peers.

Both Lucy and Richard have worked their way to establishing a close relationship with their unica hija since she was born in the year 2000. Such is probably why Juliana would rather have their family stay little, at least according to a previous revelation from her mother in November last year.

“When she was little, and we’d say our bedtime prayers together, I would ask her to help me pray for a baby brother or sister for her,” she said. “She would listen intently, wide-eyed, nodding as if in agreement, then she would break into smile and say gently but firmly ‘Mama, dog na lang.’” (Push)


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