‘Mislatel Consortium lacks experience in telecom biz’

MANILA – Mislatel Consortium, the country’s provisional third telco, is inexperienced in the telecommunications industry, former Ilocos Norte Governor Chavit Singson said.

Singson’s statement came two days after his SEAR group was disqualified by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) when the bids were opened on Wednesday and SEAR’s bid documents did not include the P700-million participation security.

SEAR comprises Luis Chavit Singson (LCS) Group and TierOne Communications.

Mislatel is composed of Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Udenna Corp. and its subsidiary Chelsea Logistics Corp., and state-owned China Telecom. The consortium is led by Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy, who made a P35 million contribution to the campaign kitty of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 presidential election.

Wala namang ano ‘yung [Mislatel Consortium] … walang experience. Iba ang negosyo niya,” Singson said in an interview with reporters after filing SEAR’s motion for reconsideration on its disqualification from the third telco initiative.

Kami ho, even before the bidding was announced, ‘yung Gracia Telecom na part rin ng LCS group, gumagawa na kami ng broadband, ng Wi-Fi, from the north. Kino-connect-connect namin ang bayan-bayan,” said Singson, who served as deputy National Security Adviser under the Arroyo administration.

SEAR filed its motion for reconsideration on its disqualification from the third telco selection process and for the NTC to junk the proclamation of Mislatel as the provisional third telco.

Nakapaglatag na kami ng backbone, from Tarlac to Ilocos, even before the bidding started,” Singson said.

He noted that TierOne, headed by Jonathan Stevens, has been engaged in establishing broadband connections in Mindanao.

Kaya hindi kami bago sa industriya. Gaya ng nasabi ko na, kami nga lang rin ang may modern satellite. Apat lang iyan sa buong mundo. Pag andito na sa Pilipinas, it will be stationary. Tatama ‘yun sa buong Pilipinas agad,” Singson added. (GMA News)


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