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They played our song

Our song —
When it played, I felt
Warm inside. (#948)
Our song —
When it played, I smiled; and then,
Cried some more. (#949)
These love songs —
At one time, they were
Our songs. (#950)
Song lyrics —
They make me fall,
They break my heart. (#951)
Love songs —
At another time, they meant
Differently to me. (#952)
Love songs —
They were just songs we loved
While we were in love. (#953)
Song lyrics —
After the loving, the words
Are messages. (#954)
This night of love songs —
My body is cold;
My heart, even colder. (#955)
Love themes from the movies —
I want to turn them off,
But I know the words. (#956)
Love themes from movies —
Familiar lyrics, familiar tunes;
Only you have changed. (#957)
When we were in love —
Was that your playlist, or mine?
Was it ours? (#958)
After all the loving —
We end up with completely
Different playlists. (#959)
Movie love songs —
Not a great playlist
When you are heartsick. (#960)
Love songs —
As much as I liked them,
You loved them. (#961)
I hurt now —
Because you liked and loved
Our love songs. (#962) ([email protected]/PN)



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