MY LIFE AS ART | Haiku from another time

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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In observance of the Holy Week, Peter Solis Nery is not writing poetry this week. For the mean time, enjoy these previously written shorts.


Moss garden:

My tongue loves exploring

Patches of your hair.


Rainy afternoon:

Your chocolate legs melt

In my mouth.


Moist, red, ready

To be bitten:

Strawberry lips.


Afternoon delight:

Sweet wet tongue on salty

Sun-kissed skin.


On your thigh

Sweet, sour, and salty —

The midday sun.


Strange, stranger pleasure:

Hungry first kiss, and



Unexpected thrill:

Warm, wet whispers

Below the waist.



I’ll get one where your lips were

Last night.



After last night, talk dirty

To me anytime.


Falling stars:

Want me tonight as badly

As I want you!


Sacred spaces:

Bite me anywhere

But the neck.


Surprise kiss:

So brief, so sudden, and yet

So sweet.


Red hot:

Bite the snake, the apple

Was just metaphor.



Peeled naked, your ten tongues

Are all so sweet.


Fortune cookie:

I’ll read your fortune,

Eat my cookie!


Adams and apples:

Your every bite reminds me

We are naked.



Cling to me sweetly,

Cling to me tight./PN





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