New look, same symbol: IHS Batch ’79 project to rehabilitate Bola-Bola Gate

During the groundbreaking ceremony, the new look of the Bola-Bola Gate was unveiled.

THE iconic Bola-Bola Gate found Iloilo National High School (INHS) is undoubtedly legendary. One cannot enter the premises of the school without passing the historical gate. For more than a century, the Bola-Bola has stood tall at the entrance gate representing pride and strong foundation of the institution.

The Bola-Bola Gate is historical. It is a legendary icon that has witnessed historical events in Iloilo.

For years, Bola-Bola Gate has witnessed a series of historical events in Iloilo. From the struggles under colonizing countries and to the heights of the Philippine War, it has seen it all. This proves how historically significant it is.

The envisioned before and after shot of the Bola-Bola Gate.

This 2019, the Bola-Bola Gate is set to have a new look—more pristine, classier, and much beaming with prestige. This is because of is Development and Rehabilitation Project, a task committed by Iloilo High School (IHS, the previous name of INHS) Batch ’79.

The officers of Batch ’79

On Friday, April 5, 2019, the start of the rehabilitation project has officially began through a Groundbreaking Ceremony that started around 10:30 a.m. inside INHS by the entrance gate.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the rehabilitation of the Bola-Bola Gate commenced on April 5, 2019.

The solemn ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. Nordy D. Siason Jr., Principal IV who welcomed everyone and truly appreciated Batch ‘79’s generosity and initiative to rehabilitate the Bola-Bola Gate.

The capsule is getting ready to be lowered


For its new look, Batch ’79 alumni Arch. Guillermo Hisancha is the architect of the project. Arch.  Hisancha was also in the ceremony and he explained the new look of Bola-Bola Gate to everyone. His firm, G H Hisacha Architects Builders is the contractor of the project.

– Among those who attended are the Batch ‘79


Batch President, Engr. Larry E. Segaya was also present in the program and he spoke about the batch’s commitment to accomplish the goal of the rehabilitation of Bola-Bola Gate.

Everyone was wowed upon unveiling the new look of the Bola-Bola Gate. As soon as the image of the edifice was revealed, the anticipation gets higher and the excitement to see it in person is reaching its hype.

INHS officials and Batch ’79 officers unveil the new look of Bola-Bola Gate

The blessing and lowering of the time capsule sealed the commitment to the project. With Dr. Siason, Arch. Hisancha, Engr. Segaya, IHS Batch ’79 officers and members, the groundbreaking ceremony was without uncertainty, a success.

Arch. Guillermo Hisancha speaks before the audience regarding the new look of Bola-Bola Gate.

The new look is set for Bola-Bola Gate. Its exterior will change, appear differently, become better, and be more prestigious than it is. But regardless of the new look, one thing is for sure: Bola-Bola Gate still holds the symbol of pride, strong foundation, and most of all, excellence./PN


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