‘New normal’ excites; We’ve taken down our masks and are wearing a new shield of hope

WE’RE gradually shifting to the so-called “new normal” as the COVID-19 pandemic eases. The most common question everyone’s asking is, how do we go about with our daily grind now? How do we reboot?

Now we can breathe so much easier with masks off. Everybody’s pumped up, reinvigorated, confident. Panay News is marking its 42nd anniversary amid this welcome shift, “enlivened”, too, by new and better prospects. We take inspiration from the prevailing upbeat public mood.

The past three years were an eye-opener and an opportunity for us in Panay News to think out of the box, to improve and to explore digital ways to deliver news and information first, fast and right. The upside is very encouraging; we are now reaching a wider audience – Filipinos all over the world.

This dawning of the new normal excites us. The media terrain is evolving and there is so much more for us to do. We’ve taken down our masks and are wearing a new shield of hope. We are energized. Enlivened.

Of course, we do value the lessons we have learned these past three challenging years. COVID-19 is a human story about health, economics, social justice, personal and communal heroics. Panay News witnessed, covered and reported them – and even lived through them – despite the pandemic-induced limitations. And so we doff our hearts to the heroes have encountered, the so-called frontliners – healthcare providers, policemen and soldiers, teachers, barangay officials and tanods, barangay health workers, and more. We are honored and privileged to tell their stories.

The pandemic is – or can we say “was” already? – a powerful reminder of just how much we need credible journalism, especially in times of crisis. Panay News recognizes that truthful, timely and accurate reporting in print and digital platforms help people understand the danger of the virus and how to contain its spread. This was why despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic, we held the line working for you – your trusted newspaper now entering its 43rd year of service from the heart.

We have improved – and will continue to do so – our online edition (www.panaynews.net website), our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Viber) and our digital copy (Press Reader and Inquirer Plus). We are keeping up with the times and the rapidly changing media landscape and communications technology.

The novelty of COVID-19 creates an unwanted potential for the spread of rumors. Panay News recognizes that we in the media have a critical role to play in ensuring that people are kept up to date with reliable information on what is a rapidly evolving situation. We also believe that journalistic responsibility in the time of COVID-19 means holding authorities to account for their handling of this public health emergency.

It’s true. We face a direct threat to our health and lives as well. But we in Panay News choose to press on because we know how important it is for the public to be informed. Yes, you have an intrepid newspaper.

These days, the world is awash with fake news and false claims, often circulated on social media. It is down to the trusted media to be the source of accurate and fact-based information. Panay News is here for you. More pumped up. Reinvigorated. Enlivened./PN


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