Our most sincere and heartfelt ‘F___ you, too’

ON NOVEMBER 5, Tuesday, our magnanimous Secretary of Foreign Affairs once again took to Twitter to give the Filipino people a piece of his mind, this time to reply to a news article about him filling in for the President at a high-profile international summit.

Now, what would our high-class and well-mannered Secretary think about such a simple article?

Surely, he would educate us on the President’s absence, do some damage control, may be spout some PR words, the typical politician. He knows his thing, after all he’s the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, honed by arduous experience. What words are worthy of a Secretary’s mouth?

“Fuck you.”

How disappointing.

Being the country’s top diplomat is not an excuse to be profane and unprofessional. As the representative of the country to the international community, our Secretary should uphold and symbolize the best and brightest of our country. Openly throwing uncalled expletives on a public social media account at a reporter for doing his job is something only the miseducated and the misguided would do.

It does not make you look tough, it does not make you look strong, it does not make you brave. All it does is make you look like an undisciplined and arrogant moron, the very same insult you’re trying to throw at these reporters and your critics.

You have a journalistic past, you have been the country’s Ambassador to the United Nations, you have had years of experience as a diplomat, so act like you do. Speak like you do. Behave like you do.

So to end this letter, I would like to send a message to our esteemed Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. For being the most professional public servant in serving our beautiful country, we, the Filipino people, give our most sincere and heartfelt, “Fuck you, too.” – GABRIEL ANGELO G. LOZADA, <[email protected] >


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