Over 4T deaths in Aklan last year

Saturday, March 10, 2018

KALIBO, Aklan – Over 4,000 people died in Aklan last year, according to the registered death certificates furnished to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

This prompted the death incidence in the province to increase almost 4 percent, from 3,925 in 2016 to 4,056 in 2017.

The records translate to an average of 11 deaths a day in Aklan last year, the PSA said.

This capital town registered the most number of deaths with 1,830, or 45 percent of the total number of fatalities in the province.

Ibajay followed with 299 (7 percent) and Malay with 2014 (5 percent).

The highest increase in death incidence was recorded in Banga with 22 percent, from 87 in 2016 to 198 in 2017.

It was followed by Buruanga with 15 percent (from 38 to 84) and Kalibo with 12 percent (from 1,637 to 1,830).

Meanwhile, the highest drop in death incidence in the province was recorded in Madalag with 32 percent, followed by Numacia and Altavas – both with 12 percent.

The most number of deaths were recorded in January (399) and November (384), the PSA said.

Six out of 10 deaths in Aklan last year were that of people aged 60 and above. Their age bracket contributed 64.1 percent (2,599 deaths) to the total number of fatalities last year.

There were 2,442 deaths that took place at home while at the hospital, 1,603, the PSA added. (With PSA Aklan/PN)


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