PAO: No safety guarantee on backyard-slaughtered meat

ILOILO – The Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) warned against backyard slaughtering that are beyond the monitoring and inspection of veterinarians.

Hogs need to be inspected first before butchering, according to Dr. Lani Bautista, chief of the PAO livestock and poultry division.

Thus “it is advisable for hogs to be butchered in slaughterhouses. A prior inspection would determine if they are healthy,” said Bautista.

Hogs processed in slaughterhouses have safety markings that assure the public they are buying meat safe for human consumption.

Bautista said some people resort to backyard slaughtering to avoid “added cost” imposed by slaughterhouses.

Others do so because some municipalities lack slaughterhouses, she added.

To protect consumers from possibly contaminated meat, PAO has deployed meat inspectors in public markets.

Meanwhile, Dr. Darel Tabuada of the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) said Iloilo remains free from the African swine fever (ASF).

“We have no cases of pig mortality from our backyard farmers,” he said.

The PVO coordinates with every municipal agriculture office, specifically through livestock technicians, to monitor the condition of pigs.

Tabuada said the province recently recorded a few animal diseases because of the changing weather.

Among these were ephemeral fever on cows and carabaos in Alimodian town. Some farm animals also contracted respiratory diseases.

“These diseases were contained. Our livestock technicians are ready and they know what to do when these diseases occur,” said Tabuada.

Ruminants like cows, carabaos and goats are mostly raised In Iloilo’s 1st District while swine and poultry are common in almost all parts of the province. (PNA)


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