Photoshop gaffe humiliates Australian prime minister

A shoe Photoshop fail went viral when a portrait of Australian prime minister Scott Morrison and his family showed him with two obviously left feet. REUTERS

SYDNEY – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was left red-faced on Wednesday after a family photograph, doctored by his staff, inadvertently left him with two left feet – an embarrassing image as he tries to end missteps months before an election.

The new image of Morrison with his wife and two children was meant to be his new official photograph for his personal website. However, his staff, keen to remove the prime minister’s scruffy shoes, Photoshopped him with two left feet.

The mistake was widely mocked on social media.

A spokesman for the prime minister said the picture was changed by staff without Morrison’s knowledge or authorization.

Morrison took to Twitter in a bid to limit the damage, joking that staff could instead have improved his thinning hairline.

Analysts said the incident was a blow to the government’s re-election campaign, with Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition badly trailing the Labor opposition in opinion polls and on course for a heavy defeat in polls due by May. (Reuters)


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