Promote Iloilo’s products at Dinagyang

DINAGYANG 2020 has announced its schedule of activities from Jan. 10 to 26. It includes an Arts Festival; the 3rd National Bamboo Music Festival; a Miss Iloilo 2020 Search; an llonggo Food Festival; a Tambor Trumpa Martsa Musica exhibition in front of the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand; a Fluvial and Solemn Foot Procession of the Santo Niño along Muelle Loney and Calle Real; Floats Parade of Lights; Fireworks Display; Dagyang sa Calle Real; Dinagyang Festive Parade; Religious Sadsad; Dinagyang 360 Degrees; and Awarding Ceremonies at the Freedom Grandstand.

Hala Bira! Hala Bira! Dinagyang is exciting because of various participating tribes with painted bodies and faces and showing their antics at street dancing in tribal costumes, complete with bows and arrows or other prehistoric weapons.

After the festival, what do we get?

Of course, we get tired, very tired. Tired but happy to have entertained thousands of visitors? We are also left with tons of basura all over the city.

Of the many activities, it is good that we have included an llonggo Food Festival to promote our food delicacies that are uniquely llonggo because no other region in the country serve the same delicacies. We are referring to Iloilo La Paz batchoy and our Pancit Molo that are uniquely produced only by llonggo cooks and tasted best in Iloilo.

Since Iloilo’s Dinagyang is being sponsored by both the City and Province of Iloilo and has now

attracted nationwide attendance and even from abroad, It will be a good opportunity for the various municipalities in the province to include a product festival. This will give us the chance to introduce the produce or products of our municipalities to visitors coming from all over the country and even to the international audience that comes to the Dinagyang.

Many of our products can have export potentials. For example, starting with the 1st District in Iloilo, we have from Oton handwoven products; Tigbauan has banana chips; and mangoes from Guimbal.

Miag-ao has also handwoven products especially their patadyong for women; bandi from San Joaquin; mango from lgbaras; and coco coir from Tubungan.

From the 2nd District, we have bamboo furniture and furnishings from New Lucena, processed hito from Zarraga; mangoes from Leon; high-value crops like cauliflowers from Alimodian; pottery from San Miguel; smithery from Santa Barbara; salt from Leganes; and pottery from Pavia.

From the 3rd District, we have the tinu-om delicacy from Cabatuan; bamboo and furnishings from Maasin; abaca crafts from Janiuay; corn feeds from Calinog; processed meat products from Mina; rice-based products from Pototan; instant tahu or ginger brew from Badiangan; fresh lakaitan bananas from Lambunao; and sab-a bananas from Bingawan.

Fron the 4th District, we have pineapple from Passi City; papaya candies from Dingle; bamboo furniture and furnishings from San Enrique; shrimp paste from Anilao; steamed blue crabs from Banate; shrimp paste from Barotac Nuevo; deboned bangus from Dumangas; and corn from Dueñas.

From the 5th District, we have muscovado sugar from Lemery; organic rice from San Rafael; fish protein concentrates or FBC-based products from Barotac Viejo; wood furniture from Ajuy; and squid-based products from Concepcion.


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