The ‘Mayor Isko Moreno’ of Oton?

IT HAS BEEN almost a decade since I had my first interview with Miguel “Migz” Flores at his residence in Barangay Buray, Oton, Iloilo. He was aspiring then to be a municipal councilor in the 2010 elections.

Migz, as I fondly called him, won in his first attempt. In the succeeding 2013 and 2016 elections he came out victorious again – and as No. 1 councilor.

Among his peers, Flores appeared to be the most vocal and decisive in his stand on various issues. He would at times find himself unintentionally clashing head-on with his older counterparts. His eloquence in discussing issues would shame political veterans.

In the august halls of Oton’s Sangguniang Bayan, Migz was no pushover. There were instances when he found himself in “hot water” for decisions he believed were beneficial to the people in general and to the residents of Oton in particular. 

Early in his political career, Migz already showed the essence of good governance. To some he was a bloated ego. To others he was too ambitious. But people not used to seeing things done properly are always the first ones to complain. They have closed minds.

Monday this week I was privileged to catch the now former councilor Miguel Flores delivering a message to municipal government employees after the flag-raising ceremony. He is now Municipal Administrator.

Flores will be exercising the authority bestowed on him to get things done.


Department of Health declared a dengue outbreak in Western Visayas which has the highest dengue mortality.

Yes, the cleanliness of surroundings should be everybody’s top priority with or without dengue, said Flores.

As part of the cleanup drive in Oton, he will be checking the public market.

“I have no mercy for the cheats,” Flores said – a warning to traders, most especially those with unreliable weighing scales.

This unscrupulous practice has been going on since time immemorial. The Oton Public Market has this not-so-palatable reputation.

It’s too early to say this young man Miguel “Migz” Flores is the Mayor Isko Moreno of Oton. Moreno, a neophyte mayor, is getting traction in his campaign to restore order in Manila. He is young but tough, a no non-sense public official.

Let us see how Migz Flores will fare. ([email protected]/PN)


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