A young man born to lead

NEWLY elected Manila mayor Isko Moreno “hit the ground running” on his first day in office. He went to Divisoria to personally lead a cleanup operation of the country’s busiest downtown market.

He warned illegal vendors being protected by a big syndicate. Put everything in proper order, he said.

Divisoria is just one of several market areas in Metro Manila where local mafias operate. These charlatans have been operating for decades and they have in their pockets local chief executives.

Moreno did the unexpected – never done by his predecessors. The roads and sidewalks were returned to the pedestrians after only a day of clearing.

Stinking garbage scattered everywhere were hauled and properly disposed to the dumpsite.

Also, no less than Moreno himself led the demolition of illegal structures along roads.

Illegal electricity connections were also cut off.

Even malls owned and operated by famous Chinese surnames who allowed unlicensed vendors to do their business without proper documentation were given ultimatums. Moreno warned them of closure.

Moreno means business; no monkeying under his term.

He is also bent on getting to the bottom of the alleged P2.5 billion spent for advertisements by the previous Manila city government covering the period from May 13 up to June 28, 2019.

The allegation is incredibly. Why spent this much? For what exactly?

This one is interesting. Will Isko really go after Erap Estrada? Both men were popular actors before throwing their hats into the political arena.

Prior to being Manila mayor, Erap was mayor of San Juan, then senator, vice president and president. Isko, on the other hand, had been Manila city councilor and vice mayor.

Mayor Isko Moreno appears to be the right man for the job of governing the city of Manila. His humble beginnings never became an obstacle to success.

He was born to a poor couple in Tondo, Manila. His father, who was from Antique province, worked as stevedore in Manila ports while his mom stayed at home to take care of their daily existence.

Lady luck was so kind to Moreno. He was spotted by a talent scout while attending a neighbor’s wake in Tondo. From there, he became an actor. And the rest, they say, is history. (nelsonrobles551gmail.com/PN)


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