‘To connect law theory, practice’

Atty. Eduardo T. Reyes III releases debut book ‘The Law of Evidence and Trial Techniques’

“Somehow there is a deep chasm that separates the law as theoretically studied in law school and the law as applied in actual cases,” shared Atty. Eduardo T. Reyes III during the launch of his debut book on May 21 at the University of San Agustin.

“I wrote this book to connect theory and actual practice,” he continued.

The author Atty. Eduardo T. Reyes III with the members of his law firm, the E.T. Reyes III & Associates, which he founded in 2011.

Atty. Reyes III, being both a practicing lawyer and a professor of law, has distilled his knowledge and expertise from nineteen years of trial experience to release “The Law of Evidence and Trial Techniques,” with the DLS Publishing House, which the author offers as his humble contribution to the legal profession.

The book has evolved from Atty. Reyes III’s own lecture notes, research, and outlines on the subject, as he aims to deliver an engrossing law tome that can enthrall even young students that may apprehensive toward legalese.

“Primarily, I want this book to be most helpful to students. Most law books I feel are too rigid,” Atty. Reyes III told Panay News. “Why not come up a law book that can instruct, but also be an interesting read, a page turner.  With this book, I hope my audience will feel the joy of reading, while studying and learning as well.”

The author is the eldest among three children and the namesake of Atty. Eduardo N. Reyes Jr. a practicing lawyer and professor of law in Iloilo City for 45 years now.

The author imbibed the language of the law early on when he worked in his father’s law office during off days in school. He started developing his writing skills for several years for “The Voice,” the official student publication of the Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus which he attended from Kindergarten up to high school.

In college, he majored in English at the University of San Agustin, where he contributed to the Agustinian Mirror, the university’s official student publication. In law school at the University of San Agustin College of Law, Atty. Reyes III became instrumental in the revival of the “The Law Gazette” the official publication of the college in 1998 when he became its editor-in-chief.

As a law student, Atty. Reyes III consistently garnered the No. 1 rank on the College of Law’s Dean’s List from 1995 to 1999. He proceeded to graduate as class Valedictorian and was awarded Cum Laude honors.

Immediately after passing the bar in 2000, Atty. Reyes III was invited to teach at his alma mater, the USA College of Law, and the University of Iloilo College of Law. He taught Legal Writing, Property, Corporation Law, Obligations and Contracts, and Constitutional Law, among others. He presently focuses on teaching the subjects of Evidence and Trial Techniques and Civil Law Review I and II.

Atty. Reyes III is presently the senior partner of his law firm, the E.T. Reyes III & Associates which he founded in 2011.

Having taught different law subjects in two major law schools for nineteen years, and being engaged in litigations for the same number of years, Atty. Reyes III had deemed it an opportune time to reduce in writing his knowledge and experience about the law to be shared through this book.

“Having been once a law student myself and after passing the Bar, and during my first few appearances in court, I think that most new lawyers will agree with me that the challenge is how to transpose the laws and rules which were studied for theoretical or hypothetical purposes in law school and for passing the Bar exams, into actual application in court for real clients, real cases, not to mention real judges to contend with,” explained Atty. Reyes III.

“My hope is that this book will serve as a bridge that can be crossed from both ends. From the point of view of a law student or new lawyer…. [and] from the other end of the bridge, from the point of view of a lawyer deep in litigation,” he continued.

“[For] a law student or new lawyer…  by the portions in the book which I called “In Hindsight”… [it may] somehow instruct [them how] to avoid the legal pitfalls inside the courtroom and follow the footpath which had led to the success of most lawyers inside the courtroom,” related Atty. Reyes III.

“From the point of view of the lawyer deep in litigation, he can look back and retreat back to the rationale behind the law which he studied while still in law school, so that he does not merely rely on his trial experience, but rather he can go back to the reason behind the law itself thus making him more effective in court. Only then can it be said that he has visceral awareness of the Law of Evidence,” he concluded.

With “The Law of Evidence and Trial Techniques,” Atty. Reyes III hopes to contribute in equipping a new generation of lawyers to uphold the role of the judiciary.

“Times change and when the appreciation of the law and the interpretation of the evidence is outmoded, it cannot resonate with modern times and may result in injustice,” he enlightened.

On why he wishes to invest on the education of new lawyers, Atty. Reyes III shared: “The younger generation is always in tune with the times and they will be more nimble to be more open to modern trends and adapt to the changing times. The key in our justice system is really in the hands of the younger generation.”

Atty. Reyes III had two major dreams in his life: to build his own law firm, which he did in 2011; and to write a good book, which he wishes he would have accomplished by the publication of this humble work of his.

For orders and inquiries, you may contact DLS Publishing House through 09064186322 or 320-3546, you may also e-mail them through [email protected]. DLS Publishing House is located at the St. Anne Building, Luna Street, La Paz, Iloilo City./PN


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